Let's Talk Hope

The Let’s Talk Hope podcast is dedicated to sharing Inspiring stories of hope from donor families, organ recipients and those on the donor waiting list. The series also discusses relevant topics about how your overall health and wellbeing plays a critical role in the donation process. Hosted by Lauren Plavnick, Community Affairs Specialist and Marion Shuck, Vice President of Governmental and External Affairs at Gift of Hope Organ Tissue Donor Network.


Marion L. Shuck

Marion serves as the VP, Government Affairs and External Relations for Gift of Hope Organ and Tissue Donor Network. But it is her role as a trailblazer that has already allowed her to make a lasting legacy of her 15-year career in the realm of organ and tissue donation. Let’s Talk Hope will count with the dedication, passion and fearless attitude of a host who works towards empowering women, communities of color and underserved communities to fight for a seat at the table, to be heard, to be respected and recognized for the contributions made in an ever-changing society is worth recognizing. As a Donor Family herself with her late husband Reggie, Marion will share the thousands of stories and expertise gained when creating and deepening relationships between donor families, volunteers, and community partners to support organ and tissue donation. Shuck holds a MA in Human Resource Management from Saint Mary’s University in Minnesota and a BS in Business and Leadership from Kendall College in Chicago and will finish her PHD in Organizational Leadership and Change from Walden University by the fall of 2021.


Lauren Plavnick

Lauren joined the Gift of Hope team 3.5 years ago; her vitality and initiative to incorporate innovative platforms to reach a wider community and engage younger generations into supporting organ and tissue donation is tangible. Plavnick is currently pursuing her MA in Strategic Communications from Washington State University and completed her BS in Nonprofit Management from Indiana University. When Lauren is not working towards increasing awareness about how organ and tissue donation saves lives, she can be found fostering dogs and helping others achieve their health and fitness goals as a personal trainer. One of Lauren’s traits is her genuine nature to confront hard topics head on in a way which helps destigmatize an issue. Her capacity to inspire change through the use of written and spoken word with courage and responsibility, is one she hopes is achieved through her new podcast. . Lauren recognizes the importance that social media plays in disseminating information to audiences that years ago might not have had access. Gift of Hope is proud to have Lauren as the voice of Let’s Talk Hope.




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